Joey Slye - Thoughts on where hes going to land?

With Gano recovering and the Slye Stallion showing off some impressive FGs this preseason, does anyone have any thoughts on where he might end up, team wise, or will the Panthers ditch Gano and make him the lead Kicker?

(Panthers fan here) I’m interested in where this goes due to his cap hit the next 3 years. Graham is a hell of a kicker and should be successful for the next few years but having a rookie salary would free up a little cap to sign a freakin safety (still salty from drafting and releasing Butker 2 years ago).

Obvious landing spots/trade targets for either guy is the Bears

Bears Fan
Thats what I’m hoping for! I was at the preseaon game (panthers bears) and that kid kicked a 54 ish yarder that almost went over the back net… he had juice to spare. Almost all of his closer attempts went into the stands, easily clearing the net.

Also, I’m still hurting from last year’s debacle with our kicker… ding ding