John Brown advice required

I’m currently 6-5 (unless Woods gets 80 points tonight!) in a 12 team standard league. My team is:

QB: Brees
RB: Barkley, Jones, Cook, Lindsay, Chubb
WR: Julio, AB, Gordon, Baldwin, Brown
TE: Ertz, Olsen
K: Badgeley
DEF: Chargers

I’m pretty confident of making the playoffs so I’m looking at streaming a defence for the championship game in particular.

The Pats are available as free agents (they play the bills championship week) and I’m contemplating just jettisoning Brown for them as I want to keep the Chargers for the Cards game next week.

Would people agree with this move? Or should I be looking to trade Brown? I’m worried that a rival will just pick him up and he ends up stuffing me in the playoffs!

How are you 6-5 with this team with 11 other owners?
I don’t see you using Brown ROS and DSTs can make the difference against other playoff bound teams

Golden rule of FFB: shop before you drop. See if you can get any value out of him. It may even be a defense, a better defense than you’ll find on waiver, that you trade him for. But shop him. He has some name value.
Edit: if Pats D is available, that’s ideal for you to drop him for.

As long as Jackson is the starter all Ravens pass catchers are unplayable IMO. I’d try and swing a 2 for 1 trade to get a high end flex start each week either WR or RB and make space (if your trade deadline hasn’t passed that is). I’d be more than happy to drop Brown if you can’t do a deal and the Pats DST has some good fixtures up coming and as you say get the Bills week 16.

Was 2-2 before I made my trade and big waiver pick ups, then I took 3 horrific Ls where I put up monster scores and lost by 5 points or less. I was 4-5 and panicking a couple of weeks back!

Thanks for the advice, mate.

How about packaging him with Olsen to the OJ owner? Trouble is He has Conner, CMC and Gurley as the only guys I’m interested in and can’t see him letting one of those guys go.

OJ suffered an ankle injury yesterday, one that i’m keenly watching as he is my only TE. I’m all for trading away excessive depth/names this time of season for key starters. Here are a few examples of recent trades I’ve made. You may think i’m crazy until you see the end result:

Barkley, Juju, Chubb for Zeke & MT
Cousins & Bears D for Brees
Diggs, Boyd, & KJ for Hopkins

My playoff roster:


Only have DCook and Hilton off the bench and will make some waiver moves this week. But you get the point, even if you have to overpay with your depth to obtain massive starters, thats my strategy. It creates less weekly confusion as to who to start and as long as you stay healthy (that’s the exposure), you have a title shot.

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Thanks man. I’m thinking of going J. Brown, Lindsay and Olsen for his CMC. Think he may accept that given his TE woes.

That would leave me with CMC, Barkley, Jones, Chubb and Cook at RB plus my WR corp minus J. Brown.

Obviously if Ertz goes down I’d be in trouble.

What do you think?

That’s the kind of trade i’m talking about. Was listening to the Ballers the other day and they answered a question of who they believe will be on the most championship teams. CMC was one of three names mentioned.

Just use those two vacant spots wisely off the waivers and that can be a good trade for you. An example, I also traded OBJ for Barkley and Hyde earlier in the year. The guy accepted, then dropped TY. So I picked him up off the waivers.

Another guy just dropped Baldwin and on this recent trade of Boyd/Diggs/KJ for Hopkins, she dropped AMiller and Kirk. So i have some nice waiver options and the trade doesn’t hurt as bad.

But yeah, package up names on your bench for set it and forget it players in the playoffs.

Thanks man - trade proposed and waiting for a response.