John brown for A Jones

I’ve been offered J Brown for my A Jones. Current backs are zeke, Conner, Chubb, Howard.
WR’s are Thielen, Landry, Watkins, Keke…

Standard scoring.

I wouldn’t pick up Jones if he was on the wire.

Everyone else feel this way too?

I’ve decided AJ is more of a liability than an asset, as long as Rogers is playing. He will have maybe three decent fantasy outings with Rogers under center. No one will guess them and many will chase his few good games points and be pissed.

I’m keeping Jones just in case Rogers goes down. If that happens, Jones is a top 10 if not top 5 RB instantly.

Would I trade JB for him? No. My guess is, this guy is shopping him before dropping him. Give him a couple of days and he’ll be on the waivers. Talk about how horrible the GB RB situation is while refusing the trade.

I’d be getting J Brown

Yes make that trade.