John Brown for singletary?

Was offered devin singletary for John Brown. With Colman going down I think I should do it. What you think?
Mike evens
Hunter Hebert
Flex Robert woods
Flex David Montgomery
John Brown
Tevin Coleman
Darren Waller
M Goodwin

I like JB more but your WRs are so stacked he rarely starts for you. You lack depth at RB so I would be fine with doing this trade.

Side note: who the F is Hunter Hebert?

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Hahahaha! Hunter Henry

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John Brown could start in my 2nd flex spot every week if I wanted but I would have to sit Montgomery or sony

We start 2 be 3 we and 2 flex

Rb and wr auto correct is killing me

So like I said, in a vacuum Id take JB over DS all day long. But your WRs are really really strong and you can afford to add some RB depth.

I dunno I loved JB coming into this season cause he matches up with Allen pretty well so I’d maybe hold but I’d understand if you wanted more RB depth which was what I was saying above. WRs are more available than RBs.