John Brown Matt Breida Trade

I’d get John Brown and give Matt Breida. We’re both 7-2 at the top of our standard score leagues.
My team:
RB: Hunt, Barkley, Jones, Hyde, Ware, Breida.
WR: Diggs, Baldwin, MVS, Godwin.
TE: Engram, Njoku.

His team:
RB: David Johnson, Mixon, White, Ekeler
WR: Allen, Kupp, Agholor, Gabriel, Moncrief, John Brown
TE: Ertz, McDonald

I’m leaning maybe consider as I do need help at WR.

I like it for you, I’m rarely a fan of wr for rb trades but this helps your roster a lot. I really like John brown going forward. For usage and schedule.

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Thanks. I accepted. Will have to suffer through this week, but you’re right, John Browns schedule is tasty looking.
Eespecially with Baldwin now having a groin injury too damn him to hell

Aww crap, looks like Joe Flacco will miss some time. Does Lamar Jackson taking over possible ROS make this a bad trade and hurt John Browns value?