John Brown or Allen Robinson ROS

Footclan! What are your thoughts here? I’m in a standard league and am thinking about going after one of these guys with Mike Williams and Hines.

Or would you stay put and hold onto those 2?

John Brown for me. hard to trust trubisky.

That’s the way I was leaning. Worried about Mack’s return since it’s standard. Would you still go after Robinson with these 2 if the Brown owner backs out?

Wouldn’t be too worried about macks return. Hines is just that 3rd down pass catching guy so he’ll soak up targets, especially with Hilton out.

I would probably still go after ARob just from a pure volume/air yards perspective. He is getting all of the opportunity and he is talented enough to make something of it. He’s shown us before. It’s just a gamble.

But it’s not like you’re giving up studs in the transaction so I think the upside would warrant the risk either way.

My thought as well. I don’t think Mike Williams will be as much of a factor as people originally thought (Gordon is soaking up so much passing game volume). Sure he’ll have some big weeks, but I don’t see Williams making it into my lineup very often due to the inconsistency.

Hines won’t see the volume he saw last week all season was my point with that. And with Hilton due back shortly, I think Hines is more of a 9-12 touches a game guy. Not the 22 touch guy he was last week…