John brown or Geronimo Allison

Just as the title applies. Would you rather have Brown or Allison? I may be in a situation where Baldwin and Jeffrey don’t play week 1. Well as of today Jeffrey won’t see the field until week 3

That’s a tough one. I have John brown ranked slightly higher… Flacco is healthy, he needs to stretch out the field and John brown is a deep threat. I have no idea how much of the target share Allison will get, if cobb and Graham stay healthy. I’d probably lean John brown.

Brown, but it’s very close

There was a time, just a few short years ago, where Brown looked like the next coming of… the other well known Brown. A combination of Carson Palmer getting nailed as soon as the ball was hiked and John Brown’s sickle cell trait put all that into history. As much as I hate Flacco, I think Brown is in a better situation now… and Flacco’s deep ball has always been decent. The Raven’s offense could surprise people this year, don’t get me wrong–not enough to add Flacco.

I personally think Brown is going to bounce back this year. A 1,000 yards in not out of the question, and at his draft price it would be a steal.

Green Bay’s offense has a ton of mouths to feed. Allison could be the fourth option at best.

I’m taking Brown.

Smokey Brown! I feel like his upside is so great