John brown or golden Tate start sit?

Please any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated i’m just torn i don’t think either are a bad start.

I would probably roll with John Brown. With Detroit’s new found running game + competing with Kenny G and Marvin Jones for targets I’m not has high on Tate. John Brown had a good game last week where he caught all 7 of his targets so the trust is there with Flacco. Should lead to more confidence and attention. Roll with Smoke!

I’m fine with starting both.

Brown is your upside play. Tate has higher floor.

Tate is still going to have games where they don’t run well. They have some tougher matchups for Kerryon coming up. Tate will get an uptick in those games, plus Riddick is still out. Tons of targets opened up on the Lions in the off season. They aren’t utilizing the TE in the passing game regularly. Michael Roberts last week and his two touchdowns was exploiting a match up, not something that will happen every week.

thank you both i also own kerryon so i have the swap on the good and bad matchups