John Brown, Sterling Shepard, Larry Fitzgerald

Have Golladay and McLarin as my starting WRs. With Golladay out most likely I need to start Brown, Shepard, or Fitzgerald. Brown has the matchup but Diggs came to town and the Bills are run first. Shepard looks to be the #1 but the Steelers D is legit and Jones seems to prefer Slayton? Larry Legend…against SF with D-Hop added to the AZ WR room…?

I’m leaning Brown but would love some input on the situation! Full PPR.

Cmon FootClan help a brotha out!!?

I would start Shepard, should see alot of targets this week. I dont feel like John Brown or Fitz will see the same targets as Shepard.

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Uff, Im not sure, I only play in HPPR but, I don’t have much to say about John Brown and Larry. But I have Sterling Shepard on my team. I think he will be good this season, but it is gonna be a hard game against Pittsbourgh. The have probably the best defence against WR. So it’s not gonna be fun for Sterling. The Fantasy Footballers, Andy, Jason and Mike talked about this in their last video or the one before that one.

But I would still probably play Sterling instead of John Brown and Larry in a HPPR league.

I’d play John Brown. Super efficient. He only needs one or two targets to get you 8-12 points.

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Played Brown and won wk1. This helped me for sure as Golladay was out as y’all know.