John Ross or Anthony Miller

Hey Guys, I need to fill out my WR5 spot. I drafted Anthony Miller, but John Ross is on waivers.

Who is going to be the better bench WR?

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Tough call but I’m personally going Miller.

I don’t think Dalton can support 2 WRs and Mixon. I think Miller’s skill set actually pairs up pretty well with Trubisky. Miller is excellent in the middle of the field and that’s where Trubisky thrives.

Def couldn’t blame you for taking Ross either but I actually think there’s a decent shot that Miller becomes trubisky’s favorite target. This years version of Cooper Kupp.

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Yeah that’s what I’m thinking - that’s why I drafted Miller.

My WR are Cooper, Jones Jr, Jeffrey, M. Williams, Keelan Cole and Anthony Miller. I’m paranoid of missing out on John Ross going off…

Miller. I could see the path for Ross, but I think Miller is the better player.