Johnson and Fitzgerald for Barkley and coutee?

Thoughts on trading the Arizona clan for Barkley and coutee?

Take it right now wow. Yeah I don’t even care about coutee (pretty decent flex) but how in the world is he gonna accept this.

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if this is a trade YOU were OFFERED?

Take it and run, run far away

This is robbery for Barkley side. Take it and run.

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Bro I have Saquon in a standard league and I would laugh you out of town if you offered me both DJ and Larry Fitz for him. If your up against dudes that are willing to give you Saquon and Coutee for those 2, I’d think the league isn’t worth winning.

Free money is free money :wink:

Haha I guess that would make it a hollow, but somewhat worthwhile venture so lol

Unbelievable. What a golden nugget that has washed upon your shores.