Johnson Godwin and thielen or sutton for Adam's Chubb Chark

I feel this trade is pretty big and want to see opinions before even stepping closer into it.

I would be recieving the Johnson Godwin Sutton/thielen side of the deal.

My issue here is I’m unsure if I’m willing to let go of Chubb or Chark in this equation. I’m more likely to let go of Chubb here even with the DJ injury but I feel my backs weaken up quite a bit in this trade.

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First of all: “Chalupa Batman” is hilarious. I mean, that’s gotta be said. Now down to business:

I almost see this as the guy doing you a favor. He’s willing to to take Howard from you. A guy that will come back later than sooner with his injury history.

And your backs thin if you let go of Chubb. True. But imo u have 3 solid starters, and 2 usable RB that start for their team. And you don’t HAVE to play 3.

Juicy fact for this week: Kirk Cousins has a 153 QB rating(almost perfect) when he throws to Adam Thielen against man coverage. Now that’s pretty specific. But guess who plays a ton of man and isn’t good at it? Philadelphia.

And Thielen is also a good player in general. Now your not getting a bunch of season-savers. But you are unloading a roster clogger that could frustrate you for weeks. How awesome would it be to beat that owner because he put Adams in before he should have and you didn’t have to make that decision?