Johnson, kamara, or saquon?

I am certain that the guy ahead of me will take Antonio (#knowyourleague).

So of the three rbs named, who would you take with the 5th pick in a 10 team, standard scoring re-draft league?


Standard out of those three I’ll take Johnson (assuming you mean DJ!) he’s proven and will get a huge amount of volume and will get more carries and rush yards on the season than Kamara. Saquon is tempting but first pick I’m going proven production for my fist guy of the board, especially that high a pick in a ten team league

Yeah, I mean David Johnson. ( :smile: )

So…The contract impasse, injury recovery, new system install, and very suspect o-line don’t scare you a little bit?

I really appreciate the reply!

Not especially, the injury isn’t a lower body which is good for RBs and he’s had virtually the longest recovery time between season possible. On the O-Line and system, as he is basically their top playmaker in rushing and recieving he’ll get more than enough volume to succeed so I wouldn’t be too concerned there either, he’s a great in and outside runner who can catch with the best of the RBs he’ll get it done for you week after week.

Contract wise, as it’s not dynasty it’s no concern and even if it was DJ hasn’t got a big pay day yet so if he has to play for a deal you can expect him to be pretty driven - look at what Lev does looking for that long team big pay day, DJ will have to do the same but I suspect he’ll have a deal before the season starts

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Volume is king. And DJ will get all of the volume and has shown he can handle it.

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if he does not get 1000/1000 this year he will be close


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You make a convincing case for DJ! And thanks for reminding me that the contract impasse could put a chip on his shoulder.

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