Join my beginner dynasty league (free)

Starting 10 team dynasty league (can increase to 12 if needed). Half-ppr, 25 man roster, free of cost. Committed players only! message me on sleeper @ethanmcd if you are interested.

Welcome the the Fantasy Footballers forum @ethanmcd21!

Do you have a set of bylaws for your new dynasty league that you can share?

I’d be interested. Do you have a draft date yet?

I was thinking late August, maybe as soon as the 15th. Open to suggestions though.

Could you explain what you mean by bylaws? I’m new to dynasty.

Great question. A set of rules that dictate how the league will operate. It’s pretty crucial.

Suggested items to cover:

  • Roster limits
  • waivers
  • Starting positions
  • scoring
  • scheudle
  • standings
  • waivers
  • trades
  • playoffs
  • league payout
  • rookie draft
  • how to make a future rule change
  • orphan teams
  • manager responsibilities