Joke trade or nah? (My 1st attempt)

I only know one person in my league. The rest are friends of his around the country, and for some reason no trading ever happens. I need some help at RB, so for my first trade attempt, I’m offering Matt Ryan and Bruce Ellington for Mark Ingram. Is this a laughable offer or reasonable? He’s got a mostly-strong roster but is 4-7. Maybe the upcoming matchups will be enough to sell it? I’m not sure what else to offer since he seems pretty set on postions I can spare. This is his roster:

If I had Ingram I would not do that. I have Kamara and I would definitely not take that. You have Hyde? Pair Hyde and another good player and maybe it can happen. Perhaps Reed if he’s healthy. I hope Im reading the teams right, lol. By the way, whoever came up with the “Garden of Weeden” name is awesome. I love puns. Good luck.

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That was all his roster. This is mine. I’m attempting to grab Perine off waivers for Sanu, and D. Lewis for Drake, but I may be too late on those.


Do I need to offer Freeman instead?

Offer him Freeman or Lynch with Matt Ryan and he’ll probably accept it. I’m an Ingram owner and I would accept the trade

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I agree with @rebels1099 offer Freeman in addition and you stand a better chance though I wouldn’t take the trade personally.

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Looking at both rosters, his biggest need is TE. You could trade Engram but idk who you could fill that void with. I honestly think it would take a move like Freeman with Engram to get him to trade Ingram. Start low and offer more as you go. Keep in mind Big Ben just put up 29 points so a QB might not be too enticing. Freeman and Ryan together is worth a shot, the Falcons looked good last night.

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Right on. Our deadline is tomorrow, so I’ll throw out the Ryan/Freeman offer as an alternative. We’ll see if he even responds or if I need to find a more active league next season. Thanks everybody!