Jonathan Taylor for Lockett/CEH

I’m in a 8 team standard league. Someone sent me a trade of Tyler Lockett and CEH for Jonathan Taylor. I feel like it’s not a bad trade, and it would give me an upgrade in WR, but I don’t feel like it’s worth the downgrade in RB. How do yall feel?

I would stick with Taylor, you have good WRs.

I’d take it on Lockett alone. Sure he wont do that every week but I bet Lockett finishes higher than Taylor on the season. I feel like being an 8 team league you need to be stingy about moving up even if its just a little. I like RB’s more than WR’s typically but as a Lockett owner I would never consider that trade there’s no way I’d value Taylor in the flex over Lockett in the flex. Personally I think even Edmunds is more than enough to get you through you bye weeks at RB.