Jonathan Taylor VS. James Robinson ROS

Yo! The question is just as the title indicates, which one would you choose the ROS. I personally think Taylor has a much higher floor, but his TD are pretty sparse. Meanwhile, Robinson has a crazy high ceiling. I think I’m rolling with Taylor ROS personally.

I actually have both on my team. Funny thing is that I have the opposite feeling about the two. I think that Robinson has the high floor, but Taylor is the one with the outrageous ceiling. Robinson is good for a few catches each game and already has a stranglehold on carries. Taylor is still splitting carries and hasn’t really been consistently targeted. I’m hoping that Taylor is unleashed in the soft portion of the Colts schedule after the bye!

Depends on what you need and your current records. I think Robinson will get you a higher/more steady floor so can be an anchor. Taylor has the wider range of outcomes including a higher ceiling.