Jonathan Williams- what am I missing...other than Mathew Berry liking him

I picked up Jonathan Williams this week because I’m worried about Mixon taking a hit with Dalton starting. I looked through the rankings this week and Williams is way down almost everyone’s list for this week. What am I missing?

Since Mack went out Williams has had 39 rushing attempts, caught 4 passes, 220yds rushing and 1 TD.

He seems like a much better option this week versus Mixon but why is he rated so low on almost every site, some sites didn’t even have him in the top 40 this week.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I currently have him slotted in over Mixon. Thanks!

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Someone has to know why he’s ranked so low after two good weeks, Mack still out and the Colts with a solid O line.?

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I like him this week too. FWIW The Ballers have him ranked as RB19 and Mixon RB17, so they at least have them close. Strength of schedule is similar for both too (16th best for Cincy vs. 17th best for Indy). My general approach is that I’ll pick a set of weekly rankings and go with them unless I have a strong reason to deviate. In this case, if you have a strong sense that Williams is being under-rated, I’d play him over Mixon. Good news is that both are being ranked as solid RB2s, so they both should be decent plays whichever way you go.

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@Sith_Are_People_Too Using your advice again, thank you for taking the time to share that.

My concern with Mixon is that Dalton is back. He’s been a touch Monster since Dalton was benched but that was to limit what Finley might do…lol

So Mixon COULD be used more in the passing game with Dalton back but he wasn’t used much when Dalton was playing earlier in the season.

Williams has been “the guy” with Mack out. Better team, better O line, and better production the last few weeks vs Mixon.

I want to trust Mixon as he’s the true number one RB on that team. But it seems that week 13 Williams mught have the better upside unless Dalton will change his ways and check down to the RB vs throw a pic.?

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I guess what I was missing is that he won’t score any points today. Any dude Mathew Berry likes winds up crashing and burning. I should have known…

Left Mixon on my bench in a VERY close game. Yikes.

But for real does anyone else feel like Berry has no clue what hes talking about it feels like every week all of his predictions have been like way off this year

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Benching mixon for williams was a very risky move. It could’ve worked out, but it didn’t obviously. The titans have been scoring a lot and he was playing the marlon mack role which vaporizes when they are behind. Matthew Berry doesn’t deserve the hate he gets though imo. He uses fairly sound process but might use a bit too much emotion/opinion when trying to evaluate players on a weekly basis. Use others’ opinions to formulate your own opinions on a player.

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@kieth_ferguson I agree with the Colts/Mack scenario but Williams was benched for the entire second half…more to that story IMO.

As far as your take on Berry, he had Mixon on the HATE list this week…soooo…lol