Jones, Dillon, and Kirk for A Rod, Harris, and DK?

This trade was just offered to me: I give up Aaron Rodgers, Damien Harris, and DK for Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon, and Christian Kirk. Full PPR. I am currently 3-4, and in 5th place. I have Carson and McCaffrey on IR. Other injuries include Toney and AB. Key bench players right now Watson and Wentz. Other players on my team: RBs Ingram, Rashad Penny, and Ty’Son. WRs Jakobi, Waddle, Aiyuk, and Elijah Moore. Kinda feel like I am giving up too much, but need something to bridge the gap until at least McCaffrey is back. Then maybe when Carson comes off, trade him for a upgrade at WR?

I don’t think that’s a good deal for you