Jones for Boyd/Lindsay

I just traded for Jones giving boyd and lindsay. What do you think?

Qb: Ryan, Cousins
Rb: Bell, Conner, D. Freeman, R. Freeman, Lynch
Wr: M. Thomas, J. Jones, Cooks, Hilton
TE: Kittle

I am looking move Cousins next, possibly.

You got Jones for that? Highway robbery. Nice move.

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That’s robbery and total trade rape for Jones side.

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Nice move. Do you think I could pull off Lindsay/Golladay for Jones?
@MikeMeUpp @Bauerdb @jacrawford

Its possible. Lindsay and Golladay are both pretty good, esp golladay. Someone might go for that. Its significantly better than Boyd + lindsay. Still Robbery for JJ imo but its possible.

I think that is way better then my trade. But just like Mike said it would also be robbery.

I originally offered him Lynch and Hilton for Jones and he countered with the boyd-Lindsay trade. So I said “Yes” of course.

Listen I’m in the camp that this was a good trade but let’s stop pumping the tires on Mr. 0 Touchdowns for one second. I have him too and he’s a frustrating WR1 to own. You got him for spare parts so it’s not really a risk on your end but I may be looking to trade him down the road too. For a lot steeper a price.

I understand the zero Td stuff. But he is on pace for 1800 yards and 108 rec. Which works for me in any league.

Are you playing standard? Cause in half ppr, he’s scored around 20 points twice and giving a floor of around 9 points. And eventually, he’s going to score TDs. Should already have a couple if ryan didn’t underthrow him. I get the frustration in standard formats, but in any PPR formats, JJ has been a beast still. And on pace for 1.8k+ yards. Not sure what I’m pumping the breaks on.

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His not catching touchdowns is becoming a trend. Don’t let this get misconstrued as me attacking the trade because I’d have to be a grade-A blockhead to do that but I’m just acknowledging the fact that he could be way better than he’s been.

Yeah JJ has never been great in the red zone but i also don’t expect him to not score any TDs. I’m thinking maybe 4 TDs on the low end, 8 TDs on the high end. That accompanied by 1800+ yards locks him in as a top 5 guy in half / full ppr. Still a stud I’m very excited about by any metric.