Jones for Collins and Crowell

Hey guys,

I’m a Fantasy Football rookie, but also an NFL rookie. I knew literally nothing of the sport 5 months ago. With help from the FFBallers I’ve got a decent grasp (I think) of making good start/sit and waiver wire decisions. But i’m not as good yet at realising trade values. I’ve been offered a lot and, partly out of fear that i’d get it wrong, not yet accepted one.

A trade I’ve just been offered is my Aaron Jones for their Alex Collins and Isiah Crowell. I’m leaning towards no - my thinking being that Jones looks set to keep the bulkload of the work with Aaron Rodgers out, I expect Danny Woodhead soon coming back will reduce Collins’ value, and Crowell’s struggles this season has been clear to all. That said, my RB depth isn’t great (Gurley, Hyde, Buck Allen, Forte and David Johnson on my IR who might be out for the season now).

I’m 5-3 in an 8-team half point PPR. Appreciate any comments I can get, not just on the trade but also the validity of my thought process. Thanks!

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Yeah in an 8 team league your RBs are sub-average. That being said i think you are dead on with your thought process. Unless this is a keeper league, see if you can trade DJ for Ty Monty. That would serve as a great hand cuff and the chance at a Freeman/Coleman situation.

Also if you really wanted to deal Jones, I might shoot for Miller or Howard. High floor guys on running offenses. Crow and Collins are a trap at this point.

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Many thanks @Guinness. Good to know that i’m on the right track at least. The TyMont owner is the guy offering me this trade, so I don’t know how receptive he’ll be to that. But it is a great idea and one I hadn’t considered, so thanks for that!

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