Jones, Henry or Martin please help!

Need one guy to flex, and possibly a WR if Hilton sits… no clue what to do. Have Aaron jones at Chi (dont love that), Doug Martin at Cincy (last ranked rush D) or Henry of that monster. Also Boyd, if i dont have to put him in for TY. 1/2 ppr

I’d Go boyd if Hilton plays. If not I’d go with the stud RB, Jones, even against a tough Chicago D. Division games seem to not go according to plan a lot of the time, but he has a chance to do nothing for you. Are you favored to win or lose your matchup?

Currently favored. Also have texans d going today so will have a better idea on that. Jones scares me, on top of chicago defense, GB also went back to randomly mixing in Williams in a timeshare last week too

I don’t like henery I don’t think he’ll do it again. After that tough decision Jones great player big fan but shit we all seen what bears did to Gurley. I hate to say but I think Martin has a higher floor this week and if your favored then maybe you want to go after sure pts

dont be afraid to play jones… Barkely just ate Chicago alive for 125yards… And Blount had 103 scrimmage yards and 2 TDs on them the week before that… they are very beatable… and you cant stack the box on Rodgers or he will pick you apart most days… That should leave some decent lanes for Jones to be able to run… Im betting on Jones myself and this is how im justifying it

What they did to Gurley last week was more about how bad Goff plays in cold weather not how dominate the D was… Green Bay players dont care about the cold :rofl:


Lol true true

All valid points. Also faiburn just shit all over me. So im currently tied with fairburn matching justin jackson and Texans D. Leaning Boyd at flex and if TY sits the flexing martin. I just dont know that i can trust GB play calling vs chicago