Jones+Herndon for Bell?

Would Jones+Herndon be enough to get Bell? Can I make a package to get Bell+a depth piece, or perhaps a different RB? View below

After last nights performance, the split carries of Jones made me a little nervous. Wondering if i can create a trade package to upgrade other positions. Will Dissly owner lost his TE and his only backup is Everette with waiver wire additions being non-existent.

My Roster; Record 4-2

QB: Watson
RB: Barkley, Jones, Carson, Penny, Mostert (waiver wire drop candidate)
WR: Woods, Kirk, Moore, Hollywood, Allison, Amendola
TE: Waller, Herndon

His Roster; Record 2-4
QB: Murray, Winston,
RB: Mack, Bell, Gurley, Freeman, Edmonds
WR: Hilton, Mclauren, Samuel, Beasley, Slayton
TE: Everette, Dissly

Would Jones+Herndon net me anything like a Bell+ either Hilton or Mclaurin? Or am i not valuing Bell enough? Do i roll the dice with Herndon and trade Waller to get a better deal? Or aim lower at RB like with Freeman/Gurley and get the Hilton/Mclauren?

What do yall think?

I do like his QB combo lol that’s what I’m rolling with. I mean it doesn’t hurt to throw it out there and see what happens. He might see Bell and Jones as equal value

I think you need more depth at wr over trading for a rb.

Very true but if he could have Bell, Barkley, and Carson that could help support average WR play. Plus he’s got upside with Brown and Kirk. I do know what you mean though. There isn’t a true WR 1

I agree I’m hurting more at WR than at RB, but if I trade jones and lose Barkley(to injury or something) then I’m quite literally without any options.

That’s why I wanted to trade an RB plus a TE since I have potentially 2 of them to try and snag a WR and a comparable RB. I saw bell and got excited, but would a move like Jones+Herndon net me a Freeman or Mack+one of his receivers?