Jones or Baldwin?

Who do I start?? I’m probably gonna grab Marvin Jones today and want to know if I should play him over Doug Baldwin.
Jones at home vs Browns
Baldwin is @ Arizona
Reason I’m asking is that I have Wilson at QB and Graham at TE and I hate stacking to many guys in one week.
Help me out FFB peeps. Y’all are awesome.

I view both of them in their matchups as about the same this week. I think Arizona is going to make it a tough game for Seattle so they are going to have to pass and Baldwin will get a chance to score. Jones should score vs the Browns so he is the safer bet this week.

Having Graham, would y’all drop Brate to pick up Olsen now as a stash for the playoff run? Olsen is on waivers because of his injury and I think I should grab him before anyone else figures out he is practicing. I think I should grab him. Y’all agree

A healthy Olsen ranks higher than Brate or Graham I think. Brate could blow up this week, I see Fitz passing to him often. but the way Winston been playing, I think you get Olsen and drop either Graham or Brate depending who you like more ROS

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