Jones or Boone - need 35+ PPR points. Help!

If Mattison is out, who is more likely to have a blow up like this? I know we’ve seen Jones do it but this is a tough matchup…

My opponent has a 25 point lead and Diggs to go. Will need something huge after Hop and Allen crushed my lineup.

Here’s an adaptation of the advice I gave another poster amended slightly for your specific circumstances:

Boone’s match-up is certainly enticing. But I think you gotta’ roll with the more known quantity in Jones - especially in a PPR. Sure Boone could be a great play against GB, and most of us think we know what his role is going to look like. But we know what role Jones plays in the GB offense: the same role that got you in the range of the 35+ pts you anticipate needing on 4 or 5 occasions this season.

GB is going to want to keep their defense off the field, & running the ball is their best means to that end.

Best of luck to you!


Appreciate the comment, I think there’s a bit of shinny new toy ranking with Boone going on in fairness. I’ll roll with Jones, hopefully Diggs will have one of his invisible or low single digit games, Jones can get two scores and it’ll be close!

Thanks, I need it - going for the three peat in my home league!


I’m in this same boat. You summed it up perfectly. And I think we all deep down know THATS the truth but the new shiny toy is so hard to avoid the shine. But who’s to say Abdullah doesn’t come in on third downs and passing downs and takes ALL of that work? We really don’t know. We assume it’ll be alllll Boone. we’ve seen It happen before. Remember when ty Johnson’s as gonna be the SAVIOR in Detroit…didn’t work out too well. Jones is THE guy in Green Bay and they need to win tonight. With all of that being said. Thanks, your comment helped cement my choice to go with Jones and stop pivoting back and forth every 10 minutes lol #WinItForTheFootClan


Mattison inactive. I’ll be honest, needing some many points I’m tilting a little!

Need 25 to win and Diggs to get zero, if he goes off it’s over. Just looking over Cooks, Mattison and Abdullah’s targets, they don’t target the backs much in the passing game you know. Only average 4.5 per game.

I think most likely is Boone gets 17-20 touches maybe two targets and all goaline.

Jones will probably get 15-17 touches and say 3-4 targets. Share goaline.

It’s such a hard call, but I do think going with the known in Jones is the right call. (If Boone gets 40 on my bench I’ll never live it down)

Aaron Jones your best shot. It’s not unrealistic to think he could put up 35. If it was me I would start Jones.

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Nothing to live down my friend. FFB is like poker: all we can do is work to understand the numerous variables which influence the game & make informed decisions in order to tilt the odds in our favor. Obviously luck can never be from the equation. So we control what we can, use sound logic & research to arrive at our conclusions, and then hope it’s enough. But even if it isn’t, that doesn’t say anything about our abilities. Sometimes we take a bad beat, & sometimes our opponents just have a better hand. But when things do come together, that same uncertainty makes our victories that much more glorious!

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James89 - I’m congratulating you here, right!?

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Hope Jones got you all the pts you needed!

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Thanks for all the comments guy, thank god I left Boone benched! Feel for those who didn’t…
Jones got me enough but Diggs showed up for my opponent and put him over the top, close second this year :man_facepalming:t3:

Still 1st, 1st and 2nd over my first three seasons playing I’ll take it! Couldn’t do it without all the guys here to bounce ideas off and the Ballers of course!