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Jones or johnson


Rookie draft ronald jones or kerryon johnson


Kerryon. Jones hasnt impressed me that much


The preseason isn’t much evidence to go on, but I preferred Johnson from the jump.


Its Kerryon by a country mile. I’ll take pretty much any RB in this class over Rojo. Have been saying it for the while, his game doesn’t translate to the NFL. Camp and preseason is showing it. I don’t really put much weight behind positive/hype news from camp or pre-season. But when its negative, I take note. Rojo has had like 12 carries for 11 yards and 1 target which he dropped. He lost the job to peyton barber, that’s all you should need to know.

Also have loved Kerryon over Rojo well before this.


2 targets, 2 drops in the last game, I believe.


Yeah even worse. I missed that game.