Jones-Trubisky-/ Adams-luck-bissett

I have been offered a trade in our dynasty league. I send Julio , Trubisky and my first round pick in 2019 for luck, bissett, and Adams. I have Julio, green, and Hilton as my wrs with Tate Krupp Meredith on the bench. Gordon and lynch as RBs.

Have rivers and Stafford as my qbs which gives me a double stack.

I am not sure of my decision but leaning towards rejecting it.

Would appreciate some guidance,


I’m guessing this is a single QB. Deal is actually pretty close for me. Given your aging receiver group, wouldn’t mind getting adams at all to add some youth tied to an aging QB. Also given JJ age, he is an asset depreciating in value while adams will be an asset rising in value going forward. If you don’t trade JJ this year, doubt you’ll have a chance to trade him at all going forward. You’re essentially paying a 1st rounder here to upgrade from trubisky to luck and JJ to adams. You’re team also looks like a pretty strong contender if Luck is healthy, he’s a top 4 QB. You might be slightly overpaying with a 1st rounder but it’s not the worst trade. Also given your team, assuming your 1st will be a lower 1st. If that’s the case, can maybe ask for his 2nd and 3rd rounder in return or something.

Brisset is totally irrelevant here so could remove him in the counter deal if you wanted as well. You would never start him anyway given your other QBs.

Thanks, I am going ahead with the trade and it is a 2qb league (I have Stafford and rivers as my QBs). They are both stacked with Tate and Gordon.