Jonnu or Conklin?

Punted TE in the draft and have been rolling with Jonnu Smith. Is Tyler Conklin a potential upgrade or do I stay the course? Thanks!

I’d be inclined to take my chances on Conklin, there are a lot of receivers on that team and he’s probably going to be a bit TD dependent, but it seems to be a more high powered offense than NE right now.

Appreciate your thoughts @jared_billings

One more wrinkle…Is Conklin a better season long add than Gesicki or Knox?

Hmmm, I think he and Knox are more or less neck and neck right now, I wouldn’t expect Conklin to get 8 targets every game, but the way Irv Smith was fitting into the offense last season, I can definitely see him having a role to play and getting four or five good targets and some valuable red zone work, I think Knox is in the same situation. Personally, I wouldn’t be burning any FAB or waiver priority on Gesicki after one good game, I would want a better sample size.

I had Jonnu for most of last season, when he was in a better offense with a much more experienced QB. He was pretty boom or bust then. With a rookie QB and an offense that is still missing a lot of pieces, I think NE is going to struggle and thus Smith is a gamble…his targets and his average depth of target don’t give me a lot of confidence and I think I’d be looking for someone else to roll the dice on. I’d feel okay about taking shot on either Knox or Conklin.