Jonnu Smith or Darren Waller

ROS who would you rather have? going to try to trade for one of them but not sure which I want to target

I’d much rather have Darren Waller ROS. Carr prefers to keep most of his passes short, so Waller’s targets should stay consistent all year and if you’re in any PPR format then he’s the guy you want to rely on because there’s consistency there. Whereas with Smith, TDs are very flukey. Just because he’s been reliable up to this point and posted a lot of scores, that doesn’t mean that trend will continue. Especially with all the receivers healthy (AJB, Davis, Humphries). I’d expect Jonnu’s production to drop off over the course of the season. I always prefer volume plays though because they’re just more reliable and less common in the TE landscape.

Help with mine?

That’s a tough one, but I think I would stick with Akers. Thus far neither one has been a viable producer but we haven’t really seen Akers fully incorporated into the offense yet because of his injury. Dobbins has been healthy and really hasn’t shown anything whereas Akers is still a little unknown (could be bad or could be good). But I don’t see Dobbins role changing whereas you never know with Akers, as he gets healthier he may carve out a bigger role in that offense.