Jonnu Smith or Gerald Everett?

My TE situation is terrible after Doyle headed to IR. First picked up Everett but now I’m second guessing about Jonnu. Who do you think will perform better ROS?

I’m in a similar situation ever since OJ Howard went down, I’m rolling with Everett just cause he has the higher chance of accidentally ending up in the end zone in the Rams offense

I had OJ go down. Strictly carrying Brate now but not super confident in him through the playoffs. Considering Jonnu, Herndon or Everett myself. Going to watch each of their performances closely this weekend, evaluate their upcoming schedule and QB situation, then decide next week to carry along with Brate through the playoffs. Between Jonnu and Everett, they are both very talented/athletic options. However neither get solid target share within their offenses. They both do get occasional RZ targets with Jonnu SEEMING (no statistical backing) to get more. But the Rams offense with obvious overall production advantage and a clear QB advantage for Everett. Personally I’d go with the guy in the higher producing offense and QB, ability and usage being neutral here. So would lean Everett.

@Caveman45 these are pretty much my best options. Other than these I have Graham, Lacrosse, Uzomah, Engram. It’s a terrible landscape

I’d lean Everett. I think he’s going to become more involved to help fill the void left by Kupp. Don’t get me wrong, Reynolds is a great fill in, but I think they see this as a great opportunity to get more pieces involved. Everett being one of those.

McVay is an offensive genius. Any offensive genius loves a player that can create mistmatches. Everett is a player that can create a major mismatch.

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