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Jordan Howard and Hyde for Hunt (standard)


I was offered Jordan Howard and Carlos Hyde for Kareem the dream Hunt. Standard league redraft. I was one of many to have their hearts broken by David Johnson.


I’d take hunt for sure


I think you can get more. I personally don’t want to deal with Howard. I’ve been a seller all off season. Of course, I’m also a seller on Hunt, but I think his value is higher than this.


I join you on the DJ broken heart bandwagon but I would not take that trade. Kareem Hunt has immense upside and my views on trades is to NEVER be the one on the receiving end of a 2 for 1 trade.

Carlos Hyde has talent and despite his lack of touchdowns thus far, I want to say he is averaging 7 yards per carry? He’ll obviously begin getting touchdowns. The issue with this trade is the Chicago backfield. As a Bears fan, I was high on Jordan Howard… then Tarik came around. The Bears offense is awful. I would avoid it. Kareem Hunt may come down to earth… but he could be fantasy’s #1 RB. Keep Hunt.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I too didn’t want to take this trade but I wanted some outside feedback first. Foot lab is the best.


I think there is almost no chance, outside of major a truly epic rash of injuries, that Hunt is the RB1 for the rest of the season. However, there are plenty of people who do, which is why I think you can get more.


Hunt is primed for a top 3 finish at rb right now, whether it actually happens is another story, but the potential is definitely there. Hyde could fight for a top ten finish IF he stays on the field, and Howard at best 15-20. I think the only rb I would trade Hunt for right now is Lev Bell. And you might just get him right now if your Lev Bell owning league member is off to a rough start, and starting to doubt his team.


Top 3 finish? Sure. He has enough of a head start do to one of the worst defensive performances I’ve ever seen. Top 3 the rest of the way? No, sorry.


Remember that Reid has produced a number 1 running back twice in his career, both were third rounders, like Hunt. He’s got 9 top 10 rbs, 5 of those in the top 5. Hunt will be used all 3 downs in positive game scripts, AND negative game scripts almost exclusively, and is playing with one of the better defenses in the league. His talent plus situation puts him in a great position to live up to the hype surrounding him.


And I don’t think Hunt is as talented as either if them. Not closed actually.


New offer in is zeke and lynch for hunt. Might have to take it.