Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen for Jordy Nelson?

I have both Cohen and Howard in a 12 team full ppr league, but frankly the bears in general are a mess and I was looking to move either and or both. I came across an offer from an owner who im assuming got spooked by the Nelson injury.

The packers seem to be pretty hush hush on the extent of his injury, so this is a bit of a gamble. What do you all think?

Thank you for the help!

I think the Jordy owner would be stupid to accept that trade, BUT if you can make it happen, I would go for it. I - too - am very nervous about the Bears offense. Neither Cohen nor Howard look like game-breaking options anymore. Whereas Nelson 100% is when healthy.

As long as you have RB depth, I say go for it.

Do it…do it

Thats actually a bit of an issue I was considering. If i accept this trade, my only RBs would be Hunt and Cook. I suppose I would just need to make a few trades

That’s a bit scary @specialK… I mean in the case of Hunt, you could likely nab a pretty solid backup in West if Hunt went down. For Cook, however, you’d be looking at McKinnon (who we’ve seen unable to perform in the spotlight).

If I was that light on RBs, I’d probably have to hold Cohen and Howard. But perhaps you could package up Howard and another WR for Jordy?

I tried to do a deal with a receiver but he was pretty locked in for both cohen and howard. As a result I ended up taking the trade then swapping ty hill for carlos hyde with another team. Not necessarily my favorite move, but i need the depth and im fairly stacked at wideout.