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Jordan Howard as a Keeper?


So I can keep Jordan Howard in my League but I would lose my 2nd round pick if I do. I am trying to figure out if he is worth that risk. I still don’t know where I am picking yet but I am trying to figure out the best move. any advice would be mush appreciated thanks.


It’s tough to give a yes/no answer without much more detail. On the surface you are most likely getting him for his actual value (assuming you have 11 or 12 overall). If you have 1-10 overall pick then your second pick falls out of his ADP so you are technically getting value for him. However, a few pieces of information will help:

  1. Are there any other players you are considering keeping instead?
    – If you can keep someone else for a better value and then possibly draft Howard in the second round then that is even better.
  2. Is this a 1 keeper league or multiple?
    – If it is a multi-keeper league then chances are most of the big named RB will be off the board already so keeping him would be worth it.
  3. What spot in draft do you have?
    – I know you don’t have this right now
  4. Roster layout
    – Most likely a 2RB league with 1 w/r? If that’s the case then he is pretty valuable.

I’d be happy to help out a little bit more if you can provide some of that information. But again, on the surface I would say he is worth it. Since there are keepers involved his ADP of 2nd round in redrafts gets even higher (into the 1st round) so getting him in the 2nd is great.


I have done a mildly obsessive amount of research on RBs from last season. I find most players live off of the big play and TDs. That cannot be predicted very well.
Howard did it on consist production with every touch. I very much believe his TDs will positively regress. He is a targeted RB of mine this year.
@Forty9Giants is right, but no matter how many teams I want Howard in the 2nd.


I think he will be better next year b/c the team will be but you need to wait until end of year stats and avg draft position, it’s too early to tell. But I think he will fall to the 3rd round next year.


He is a top 10 RB this season in standard, and that is with Cook on IR.