Jordan Howard Droppings

What up foot clan.

Waivers have cleared and someone dropped Jordan Howard. Do you think he’s worth picking up or would you take a chance on someone else like Bo Scarbrough or Jordan Wilkins?

In order to pick up one of those three I would have to drop Tarik Cohen, Latavius Murray, or Alexander Madison.

I think id take Howard over all 3 of those. before he just took the injury he was getting like 20 touches a game and looked like a clear number 1 for philly. those other 3 dont have that kind of upside. (atleast not without a injury knocking the starter out in front of murray or mattison)

Bo is on Det and we cant run the ball to save our life. Id be staying far away from that
Wilkins maybe could end up being a bigger play but with Hines and Williams also likely to get some work thats more of a wait and see for me.

@dbmville I’m in desperate need of an RB with James Connor being hurt, and in and out of the lineup. How much FABB do you throw at Howard?

I wish i was a better judge of FABB spending I always feel like I over spent so id say anywhere 10-25% of whatever you still have your pretty desperate so going higher than that if you think another team is going to be chasing him too. check what they can spend too if its available

From what I’ve heard Jordan Howard should be back in week 13. Hopefully he is fully active and ready to go.