Jordan Howard Dynasty Trade help

How do you guys feel about Jordan Howards dynsty value.

Im consdering trading for him and including my 2019 1st rounder which I expect to pick be 10-12th. Which would you rather have?

I like Jordan Howard. I think the Bears are going to have an improved offense, maybe similar to the Rams last year, but probably at the same level. I have seen a lot of people wanting to trade him, but I would keep him because he is entering his third season and has been good these past two seasons.


But if the Rams are the comparison doesn’t that make him 1/2 of Gurley?

not sure where you get half, just saying the Bears offense might take a jump like the Rams did. Howard was already near top 10, so I think he can finish top 10 this season.

also the improved defense should end in more opportunities! the only real concerns are his hands…if the gamescript is bad his usage is a questionmark with Cohen in the backhand!

I’m a seller in Howard. I don’t think he’s all that special as a talent, and while I expect the Bears to be improved, they’re still unlikely to be a winning team (especially in that division), so he could often be game scripted off the field. Comparing him to Gurley is flat out absurd. Find someone else who thinks about him that way and lay it on thick to sell him high.

I might be wrong, but it seems like people are thinking you are looking to dump Howard. I read this as you are looking to acquire Howard.

If you are looking to add Howard to your roster, I am wondering if your 2019 1st round is for the rookie draft? I am guessing so since this is dynasty. Assuming you are giving up a rookie first round and you project to be at the back of the draft, I see this as a definite. You might not get a home run in Howard, but you will likely get a better value than a hope at the 1.10-1.12.

Even if it is not a rookie pick, it is hard to imagine a dynasty league where you have a better option in the first round next year barring some weird league rules. I see this as a good move at worst, great move at best. Again, unless I am way off in understanding some details of your dynasty league and what that pick means.

Part of the “Bears are the next Rams” only they have Howard and Cohen not Gurley.

Comparing him to Gurley minus all pass catching ability isn’t absurd, saying he is half of Gurley is actually down grading him by about 25% from last year.

Late first rookie pick seems about right.

It is absurd. Howard isn’t close to the same talent as Gurley. Not remotely close.