Jordan Howard - dynasty trade?

Half PPR - what is Howards value now? Is he worth keeping in case of a trade… or should I sell him.

I have someone offering Royce Freeman, Goodwin for Howard… And then potentally another offer with James Conner in it. I do also own Bell so acquiring Conner would be great.

Thoughts on either of those deals? Should I consider both?

I don’t like Goodwin. I would consider freeman long term but Howard and freeman are in the same role in their offense this year.

Conor would be nice to have now and next year. I see Conor being there back next year.

@Smoothyprice my thoughts exactly. If he included a better piece than Goodwin, I’d be interested.

Would you trade Howard for Conner straight up? Or would you expect more from the Conner side of the trade?

Take Conner and run, RB 1 from next year on!

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Have to agree @JSimnitt . Conner’s just now getting his chance to show his worth. Lev’s history for this team. AND EVEN IF HE EVENTUALLY DECIDES TO SHOW UP…Conner’s shown his capability. HE’S gonna be a hot topic/pick next year!!!