Jordan Howard for Amari Cooper?

So I am pretty stacked on running backs and I’m curious on what everyone thinks of my team trading Jordan Howard for Amari Cooper with his recent trade to Dallas


Who are your other RBs and what’s the scoring format?

It is half point PPR and currently this is my team setup

M Gordon
Nick Chubb
Marlon Mack
Matt Breida
Kerryon Johnson

S Diggs
Doug Baldwin

Yeah you have the RBs to take the loss of Howard, and it’s a gamble but you need the WR help so may as well swing for the fences. I don’t see Howard doing much to force you to start him over your other guys either so it’s not a bad move

Agreed. Still risky I agree but one of those power struggles on the trade. Thanks!

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No thanks. I won’t trade a RB that gets carries for a WR who may or may not workout in Dallas

I would make this trade. Hard to imagine Howard will even penetrate your lineup and you only have 2 WRs. Cooper obviously comes with risk but man his reward, in a new system, with his elite level of talent, COULD be monumental.

Yeah that is my thinking as well. Sucks getting attached to a name value such as Howard.

I would be trying to trade Howard and Brieda for someone. Brieda is an injury waiting to happen, even though I do like him.