Jordan Howard for DT + Buck Allen

Hey guys! 12 man, 0.5 ppr - looking for some trade advice.

Trying to solidify my RB depth a bit since I have DJ/McCoy/Kerryon and not really comfortable with it.

Is Demaryius + Buck Allen enough for Jordan Howard? I also have AB/Edelman/Stills/Taywan as well.

Let me know your thoughts or what you think will get the job done! Thanks!

Nowhere near enough imo, even with Howard starting slow. DT has been pedestrian at best this year. Maybe if you can catch a guy sleeping on name value, but if I had Howard I wouldn’t accept that.


This is what I thought - just wanted to get the feel for how people are viewing both players since they’ve gotten off to not so great starts.

Do you think Edelman instead gets closer? He should be good, but he’s an enigma right now. I should mention that his WRs are Crabtree/Kupp/Mike Williams.

You might can roll with that offer. Pats offense came to life this last week and people will be excited about Edelman coming back.

Separate trade question: thoughts on DT rest of season? Could flip him for Boyd + Powell possibly.

DT is a second receiver and has been receiving very few targets from case. I would stay away from him

I actually think DT has more targets than any player on the Broncos, problem is that I believe he has a terribly low aDOT and Air Yards. Just wondering if it’s too early to panic because if Case doesn’t overthrow him yesterday, then I might be singing a different tune.