Jordan Howard for Josh Gordon?

So wanted to get thoughts on this trade. I have Jordon Howard and am trying to trade for compariable receiver at current production.

Currently I have M Gordon, Marlon Mack, Nick Chubb, Kerryon Johnson and Matt Breida. My Wr are Baldwin and diggs. Let me know your thoughts!

If I had Josh Gordon, I would not give him up for Jordan Howard.

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I’d rather trade Mack or Chubb. People love hype and possibility, especially with rookies (Mack is basically a rookie); so, I think you have the depth to trade on hype. That being said, I fully buy Kerryon’s hype and wouldn’t trade him.
I think you can flip Mack or Cubb for an under-performing WR. I would try to pair one of them with a middle tier WR and go after K. Allen.
For example: Chubb and Golladay for Allen

I would take Chubb over Howard no question. Not even close for me in terms of talent and ability.

I would probably also take Mack over Jordan Howard. Don’t like how Howard is being used in the offense. He’s basically a TD or bust.

I’ve been trying to to push Howard off my team for weeks. No one will take him. I can’t even get him in moved in packages.