Jordan howard for kareem hunt?

I was just offered a heads up trade, I have jordan howard and was offered Kareem hunt. This is a 3 wr league and half point ppr. This is the rest of my starting roster right now Andrew Luck, Antonio Brown, Stefon diggs, Kenny stills, Melvin gordon, Jordan howard, Trey burton, Carlos hyde. Bench: Royce freeman, robby anderson, mark ingram, Aaron Jones, Amari cooper, adn quincy enunwa. Is this a good trade?

To me Howard and Hunt have very similar value, I have generally a better feeling about Howard’s role in his offense than Hunt’s…but it’s a toss up. One thing that maybe could swing things in Hunt’s favor is that you have Burton at TE so that’s two pieces of the Bear’s offense that isn’t known to be high octane so total points to go around could be less.
I think it’s really which guy you feel better putting in your line up every week.