Jordan Howard for Keenan Allen? .5ppr

RBs are CJ Anderson Marshawn Crowell and Henry
Only have 2 good WRs Diggs and Jordy

I am inclined to keep Howard in this trade.

RBs aren’t as strong as they look on paper, Anderson and Lynch are both okay starters whilst Crowell is on the decline, Henry represents good RB3/Flex option but who knows what is going to happen on a week to week basis at Titans. Keep Howard and move Lynch to the flex

The general attitude towards Howard right now is sell HIGH…After Howard’s BIG game on Sunday he was pretty protective of that shoulder so it could resurface…I’d aim higher up the WR rankings than Allen in a potential trade or you could go Allen and another piece try to oversell his big game first. outside of that I wouldn’t take it straight up

See I would sell high on Howard but the current Rbs on TPTre roster don’t give me a lot of confidence moving forward.

I wouldn’t have any confidence on starting Crowell and Lynch is a hit or miss I feel.