Jordan Howard for Keenan Allen

Would you trade Jordan Howard for Keenan Allen?

I have Brady, Gurley, Ingram, Cooper Kuppm Tyler Boyd and TJ Yeldon. .5 PPR

Thanks Everyone!

If you can acquire Keenan Allen for Jordan Howard yes you make that trade

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Yes and no. Because your depth isnt great fournette will be back and yeldon isnt going to be a locked up start. And you’ll have to figure who’s gunna fill in for gurley in week12

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I would 100% make this trade. Jordan Howard is looking bad, like an RB2 and Keenan Allen is a WR1 don’t let the last two weeks fool you. Im sure you can pick up someone decent of waivers considering how small your team is

I’d trade Howard for Keenan but as a Keenan owner, i’d shut that down pretty quickly.

Right @MikeMeUpp ! it’s not like we’re able to sell Jordan Howard high right now you know I’m off of that last performance and now currently on his bye.

@PutMeInCoach but allen hasn’t been pretty either. Also RB’s are slim pickin’s this year especially in rb1 rb2 range and to sell a workhorse like Howard is ridiculous in my mind when you can get a hot commodity off waivers by next week.

yeah you’re right. How would you feel about Howard & someone like Keelan Cole as a filler for the bye this week?

Absolutely not you that’s crazy talk. You’re just giving him away at that point.

I guess this comes down to where you value Allen and Howard… I am very down on Howard and still love Allen’s target share and ability for a big play but you make a valid point with the RB value.

Exactly I understand needing a solid wr but to sell a 1st round draft pick for peanuts is outrageous. Not saying allen is peanuts. I would be willing to bet Howard has a big bounce back coming off this bye. Then you can sell high if you want

Yes bc you are a lot stronger at RB than you are at WR. I think it’s a good move in the context of your team without a doubt.