Jordan Howard for Kittle

I was offered Kittle for my Jordan Howard, am I crazy for considering taking this trade or am I just overvaluing Howard? I have decent RB depth right now and lately Howard has just been a flex play for me and I’m sure Engram will bounce back but Kittle has been very consistent. Any advice would be appreaciate, thanks!

My Team:
RB- Barkley, Kerryon, Sony, Duke Johnsons, and Royce Freeman
TE- Engram

Anyone have any advice?

I would keep Howard.

The hope with Howard is colder weather games are coming. The other thing is can Cohen stay healthy as a smaller back. Both things could help Howard have a better 2nd half.
I have Howard and have tried to package trade him like crazy the past three weeks with no luck.

Kittle is a beast so the question is can you live with the lost depth at RB rose if you do this.

That’s what I’m hoping for with Howard, his usage might now be as high as it has been the last two years but the offense is the best it has been in a long time and he is still the goal line back for the most part. I do really like Kittle but i think Engram also has better games ahead of him.
I told the guy that i would probably wait until next week to see if Howard or Engram looks any better. I also might need Howard next week for the bye week but I will also be in need of a tight end so its been a tough choice