Jordan Howard for which WR?

I want to move Howard but not sure for what WR. Who do you guys thing a realistic option could be?

I packaged Howard & Cooper for AB last week. Not saying that’s common but every league is different. Look at who is worst off at the RB position in your league and see if they have a receiver you like. The AB owner in my league was terrible at RB. Also, you may be best to wait until next week and hope Howard has a better showing this week.

I can make that exact trade and they are weak at RB. Just not sure if i gain enough value back…

My backs would be Gurley Michel J. Allen Breida

I get it, I’m stacked at RB so I was fine giving up Howard. I’m left with DJ, Run CMC, Ingram, Breida, Thompson & I snagged Aaron Jones off waivers after moving Howard. I’m planning on using one or two of them in a trade soon, just waiting for the right time.

Given those RBs I think you are doing fine adding AB. Gurley obvious stud, Michel could end as a top 12 back, and Breida is taking over that backfield. I love Howard but the chance to get AB is worth trading him, and with Cooper’s up and down play avoiding his headaches is a good move in my opinion.