Jordan Howard + Kelce for Evans + Hunt?

Full point PPR. Thoughts?

Who would you have at TE if you trade Kelce? I believe in Hunt and think Evans is OK with Fitzpatrick throwing, though the Bucs entire offense and team is pretty cruddy.

I would have ASJ at TE. I was also thinking about Howard + Cooper for Evans and Hunt.

Oakland’s offense is in the same position as Tampa Bay. I’ve also got Alshon on my team I could offer.

I do think I like the idea of offering a WR for Evans over giving up Kelce.

Who is the other guy’s TE? Maybe you could also swap TEs since Kelce would be an upgrade for him. I don’t know what I think between Alshon and Cooper. Alshon’s on a good offense, but with a lot of mouths to feed. Cooper, of course, has a big upside, but is unreliable and on a team going nowhere.

It’s Vernon Davis. Who has been playing well. Could be an option.