Jordan Howard, Marshawn Lynch, Marvin Jones Jr FOR leveon bell, kerryon Johnson, Emanuel Sanders

My team is the one trading Jordan Howard

If this was yesterday, I would’ve said this is trade rape in favor of howard side. Now that Bell hasn’t reported, today it’s much tougher.Is this PPR?

Yea that’s my thoughts as well. It’s a standard format league (no PPR). After a 12 hour digestion period I think I am going to wait another week, I believe Bell’s value will drop week over week and I may be able to get him for cheaper if I hold out. I just can’t stop thinking about DJ and Bell on my roster going into playoffs.

12 team league as well

It’s not bad. The problem is guessing when Bell comes back. If he returns, you’re getting a great deal. But do you have enough depth at RB to survive til he does and are you prepared for him to not return at all?