Jordan Howard, Melvin Gordon?

I just got the 6th overall pick in my 2 flex, one point ppr league and I’d love to get Demarco with my second round pick, but I know this other guy in my league (he has the 9th/12th picks) will take him before I do. That being said, with the lack of depth at the position I feel as if I need to take either Howard or Gordon, but I don’t feel as confident with either one. Can anyone make an argument or have some stats that could tell me which one to take?

Melvin Gordon. I have a lot of faith in what he can do. When he took over last year, he was a force. Even with thst horrible o line. Now they have more weapons to take the focus off of him, and a better o line to block for him. He was on pace for 1300 yards, 12 tds, 50+ receptions for 500+ yards and three tds. And that was before. Jordan Howard has an up hill battle. In dynasty he might be the better pick long hall, but for one year, it’s Gordon for me.

Honestly I view them similarly and would be happy with either as my RB1 - I have the 9th pick in my ultra competitive league and foresee the top 3 being gone and McCoy / Murray / Howard / Gordon as my top pick.

Howard is the only real option in Chicago and may have more defensive focus this year than last. Gordon is a solid part of a decent offense and will likely build off of last year although I wouldn’t be surprised by a regression in TDs.

The Bears offense is going to be just as bad as it was last year (would be hard to get much worse) although their oline was pretty solid.
I’d probably go with MG3 as he looked much better last year than his previous season and the offense has improved.