Jordan Howard or Mark Walton off waivers tonight...I need RB help!

My RBs full ppr:

As you can see in really need some help. I tried a couple trade offers this week to pick up a RB but no luck. So tonight our waivers process and I’m deciding between- Jordan Howard or Mark Walton…

Howard got a bunch of touches last week…does that continue?
Walton seems to be the guy in MIA…not sure if that’s a good thing?

Howard has burned me the last two seasons, and I wouldn’t even know who Walton was if it wasn’t for Jason’s Mark Waltonburg nickname/impression…


I’m gonna go howard with sanders injured. Bears run D hasn’t been as scary.

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I put in for Howard, I’m fourth in line and I only think the guy at three may take a shot at him but I feel pretty good. Also put in for Walton dropping McCoy to do so.

In the grand scheme McCoy is the better back on the better offense but he’s done nothing except when Williams was out.

We will see at around 400am EST if I land one or both.?

The report on Sanders is that he won’t miss any time, but still, they might take it easy on him for a week and lean more to Howard.

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I missed on Howard, dude at number 3 got him. I did get Walton and I put in to pick up Drake as he was dropped, so I should know Thurs am if I get him.

Plan to stick with Chubb and Singletary since I didn’t get Howard so we will see how this pans out.

I also missed out on Howard. Picked up Walton too. Playing him in my flex this week over Mattison as my depth isn’t great for RB lol

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