Jordan Howard ROS?

I’ve traded for him in few leagues, cause i believed in that defense giving the offense oportunities to scored a lot and run the clock.
But, so far, howard has 1 TD in 5 games, and 2 games with less than 5 points scored(standard).
Im starting to tilt, what are your thoughts on him for the rest of the season?

I have traded Jordan Howard away myself. I had traded for Sony Michel the week before and felt I had made Howard expendable.

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I would rather have Tarik than him, but with that said I don’t think you can trade him either, you won’t get anything in return

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Yeah, I got lucky that my trade partner was a big Howard truther and got way more than I should have. Packaged him and Amari for Michael Thomas


I’d have to say right now, Howard is a hold. You wont get anything in return. Bigger games are ahead, but it’s a frustrating start to the season.

Maybe he has two big games in a row then sell(?)

Idk, it’s too bad with the great hype he had entering the year

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I remember drafting and seeing him fall to the back of the 2 round, in my head that was a big steal… now i see why he dropped so much tho lol

I feel like there’s nothing to but play him, mainly because a lot of byes are coming, at least for me, im going to have to choose between him and lamar miller next week for example.

Im not trading him right now, it wont compensate, im keeping him and hoping for a few breakout games. I mean, he’s still getting over 10 carries a game, lets hope he makes them worth

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I agree with most you need to hold him, won’t get any return right now. This game he was fairly close to a good fantasy day. 1 more yard on that goal line carry he avoids the fumble, and nearly had a td catch. Last year was similar with him having a few bad games and ending season top 12.

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