Jordan Howard - Sell now?

Hey footclan! Would you guys sell Howard now? And what price tag would you place on him?

I do think trading him for an equal piece would be a great idea, but I’m not going to overpay to trade him away. What are your thoughts?

I would keep him. He is young, been a RB1 for 2 seasons and is on a team that seems to be improving their offense.

Ff calculator has his adp at 17, ahead of Julio, mike Evans, gronk, cooks, Baldwin, tyreek, amari cooper, a-rob, diggs. I’d trade him in a second for any of those guys. He doesn’t have elite rb talent, and rbs are overvalued in response to the last couple of years.

Plus, The rb market is about to be flooded, with about 5-6 new rbs at least as good as Howard. If you really need to keep an rb id rather have McCaffrey or mixon

I probably wouldn’t trade him for Baldwin or Cooks (at least not by themselves) but otherwise I agree.

I love Jordan Howard but the trade rumors and the fact that Nagy loves Cohen scare me a little bit. I think if he were to stay in Chicago he has the potential to be awesome but who knows at this point. I wouldn’t say no to selling hm if you could get something you need in return.

That’s the reason I want to trade him… Nagy and a potential trade.

I’m not sure his value is really high right now, but I’d like to trade him for a more stable RB. Maybe Mixon? But most RB owners are expecting Howard + an asset to get any trade done since he is only a two down back that could get traded. Thoughts on that?

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He still has name recognition and a decent proven track record. I would shop him to a win-now or win-soon team that needs a stud RB2 with RB1 potential (thats how I would sell it). Then, assuming its dynasty, I would collect a couple guys who could break out: Cooper and maybe JuJu.
Regardless, just shop him around and see what you can get; people may over pay and you’ll get someone you never considered.

If you’re trying to get an RB1, I think you’ll need to sweeten the pot. Personally, I’m not a believer in Howard as a player.

I’m a believer too. I’m targeting Howard in most leagues, I think he’ll be the lead RB with 12-15 touches a game on an above average offense.

Haha, I think you misread. I’m very much not a believer.

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Do you guys have any RBs you would target? I have two 2019 1st and the 1.01 this year, so I should be okay. I’m just not sure I’m willing to include a 2019 first if I have to overpay to flip Howard.

That’s tough. Really depends in the teams and how people value Howard. Mixon is one that comes to mind that maybe could be had cheaper than he should be.

Yeah, I’ve had conversations with the Mixon owner. Though he currently values Mixon higher than Howard. So I’d have to throw in a 2019 1st or a 2018 2nd. If that’s the case, I’d probably just rather run with Howard.

Personally, I’d throw in the 2nd in a heart beat, but we may value the two RBs differently.

Ooops, yep, misread lol

Freeman seems to be low on people’s radar and could be a good target. Personally I think thats a lateral move; but, if you believe in Freeman, he should do better than last year. Plus, he’ll have the backfield to himself after next year when Colman leaves.

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I’d definitely go after Freeman… if I didn’t already have Coleman. Haha

I’d still so it, personally, but I get it if you don’t want both.

I just heard Howard is deleting all of his Bears photos from social media. Strong signal that the bears are drafting an rb and he’s getting traded. I would dump him immediately for whatever I could get.

Baldwin is a separate topic, but look at all the freed-up targets in Seattle and consider the likelihood of a strengthened offensive line - I’m very excited about his upside.